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Welcome and THANK YOU for visiting my site!

I appreciate the opportunity to show off my skills!!


My career highlights include

ACTING in TV & Film with CBS, Lifetime, Super Rad Films 

DANCING with Conga Kids, Bruce Wen Entertainment

VOICEOVER with Super Rad Films, Mickey Fuentes, Arconyx Animation

MODELING with Harmony Creative Studio, Pet Pigeons, Macy's

TRAINING with Margie Haber Studios, Sam Christensen Studios, LA Connection

CREWING as PA, Production Coordinator, AD, Script Supervisor, Location Scout

I pride myself on being a woman of many hats & an all-hands-on-deck kind of gal!  

Whether on stage, on camera, or in person, my life's calling is to explore my human sensibilities, while bringing to life the stories of other humans in captivating and moving ways that leave a lasting and substantial impact on the audience.

From my hometown of Palm Springs to my college days at the University of California-Santa Barbara to my career pursuits in Los Angeles, I feel that my life has been supremely blessed and am ever so excited to see what the future brings. 


This passion for entertaining others all started back in the day when I was 5 years old and I got the opportunity to be in a local production of The Nutcracker!

Consequently, that year I decided to start taking ballet to gain more experience.

Though my master plan to elevate my lowly mouse casting to the oh-so-coveted Party Girl role ultimately failed, that fateful first year pursuing the arts sure did instill a passion for performing in me that has grown exponentially each day since!!

I have become absolutely SMITTEN with telling stories, following directions & choreography, creating moments of reality, as well as playing around with the surreal, and collaborating with other artistically-inclined individuals as a team. 


Jessica Lenz

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